Zombie Boy Can Sell Anything — Tattoo Chic Conquers Retail

Zombie Boy Can Sell Anything — Tattoo Chic Conquers Retail

Written By Zombie Boy Team

Canadian model Zombie Boy, has tattooed 80 percent of his body– including images of a human body as it decomposes into a corpse, replete with flesh-eating insects. He’s in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most bones tattooed on the body (134) and the most insects tattooed on the body (176). Needless to say he knows how to turn heads. He caught the eye of Lady Gaga (he was in her “Born This Way” music video – she wore makeup to replicate his tats) and Jay Z (he’s been the face of the Jay Z fashion label Rocawear in Europe). And he was the first ever male spokesperson for L’Oreal (he demonstrated the miracles of their Dermablend concealing makeup in a YouTube video which has been watched 15 million times).

With a public following to satisfy, he has launched his own lifestyle brand – Zombie Boy. From fashion (leather helmets, belts, boots) to home décor (black candles, curtains, bath towels), to perfume and energy drinks — fans can now dress, drink, smell and rest just like Zombie Boy. Everyone wants in on Zombie Boy paraphernalia. Celebrated doll artist Robert Tonner hand-painted Zombie Boy’s tattoos on a 17” tall porcelain doll (in time for the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con). The limited edition of 500 ($159.99 each) sold out.

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