The “Restless East” Editorial by Rick Genest

The “Restless East” Editorial by Rick Genest

Written By Zombie Boy Team

Joining forces with Rick Genest, HYPEBEAST presents the “Restless East” editorial – an image-led feature tempering with the idea of the Jiangshi identity within Asian folklore. Clad in an array of meticulous suits and formalwear, ‘Rico the Zombie’ stands overlooking the bustling streets of Hong Kong, revealing an eerie disposition that contrasts nicely with his extravagant getup. Shot and directed by the in-house team, pieces from this season’s 3.1 Phillip Lim, ETRO and Burberry Prosum collections are juxtaposed with Rick’s morbid body art, presenting a set of striking images that never fall too far from motifs of life and death.

restless1 restless2 fault-magazine-guest

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  1. Chamonie
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    Rick, you are so Handsome! Breath taking! I’m swoon!

  2. m0lotov
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    Too fast to live, too young to die.


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